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Meinklang Frizzante Rose

Burgenland Austria

Blaufrankisch & Zweigelt

$19.00 per bottle


We here at the bottle shop love and appreciate environmentally conscience farmers so we are excited to feature a wine from the Michlits, a true farming family in Austria that in addition to growing grapes and other crops, raise cattle as well. Their vineyards in the Burgenland that lie on both sides of the Austrian and Hungarian borders share space with other fruits and wildflowers which promote healthier soils which result in happier, tastier fruit which comes through in the wine. Aromas of strawberries are enveloped with a sharp yeastiness that is complemented by rich flavors of bright red berries with a distinct rustic mouthfeel making this a truly unique rose. A wonderful aperitif, this little number is best paired with a pool side deck chair, but if you insist, any springtime light risotto dish will be well complemented by this wine. 

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group