Calatrasi & Miccichè 
2013 Bella Nova, Terre Sicilane 
Sicily, Italy
$18 per bottle | $194.40 per case


If any place in the world is making better springtime white wines than Sicily, please tell us, because it’s difficult to imagine improving on the idea of drinking this particular wine right now. Keeping in line with Sicily’s tradition of aromatic wines, this is teeming with exotic tropical fruit, olives and fresh herbs that need the rich, slightly oily body to contain them and the cracking streak of acid to keep it all fresh and finishing for minutes. Whether it’s with grilled fish and vegetables off the backyard barbecue or with a quick dish of cacio e pepe for Tuesday dinner, this is the one white wine to go with everything this season.  - Ryan Stotz, Store Manager, H&F Bottle Shop

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group