Camino de Navaherreros
Madrid 2013
$17/$183.60 per case


Spain is a country blessed with an abundant and delicious indigenous grape in Garnacha. Despite a diverse climate and multiple styles in which to grow this varietal historically Spain hasn’t taken an out of the box approach in cultivating its wines.  Seeming locked in tradition Spain nearly always produces reliably ripe, heavy, fruity and semi-sweet iterations wines from the storied grape. However with this Wine of the Week, Bernabeleva’s Camino de Navaherreros Garnacha 2013 this is not the case.    
By reviving an old family vineyard, Bernabeleva nearly single-handedly resurrected Spain’s interest in cultivating Garnacha’s potential. At their outpost more than a half mile above sea level in Madrid of all places, Bernabeleva purposefully ages the wines that comprises of this blend differently. He does this by factoring the climate, the soil in which it’s grown and employs a mix of stainless steel, oak and concrete to highlight the dazzling previously-hidden strengths of high-altitude, cool-climate Garnacha. Airy raspberry and strawberry flavors are concentrated enough to invigorate but restrained enough to allow hints of rainy mineral and rose with warm, peppery spice nuances to slowly reveal themselves towards the finish. If you’re a fan of some of the more powerful Pinot Noirs out there, you shouldn’t miss the chance to pick up some of the mere 500 cases of this wine that’s imported to the United States. If there’s better Garnacha being made in Spain, I haven’t had it. - Ryan Stotz, Assistant Store Manager, H&F Bottle Shop

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group