NV Prosecco 
Veneto, Italy
$18 per bottle | $194.40 per case

Prosecco, delicious as it nearly always is, is not generally the stuff of quaint, family wineries quietly perfecting their craft, but instead mostly made in huge quantities. Imagine how good manually-harvested, organically grown, small production Prosecco could taste. Well, good enough to be this week’s Wine of the Week, which is the exceptional Giol Prosecco. Currently the toast of the New York vintelligentsia, it finally made its way to Atlanta and is well worth the wait. Airy white flowers, crisp green apple, and tart peach aromas translate to a remarkably dry palate crackling with chalky mineral and acidic tension that’s eased just into balance by some fresh-baked bread yeastiness on the finish. Bubbly and flavorful enough to cut any dish down to size, but some smoked fish or a simple risotto would be especially well-paired with this. - Ryan Stotz,  Assistant Store Manager, H&F Bottle Shop

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group