Château Coutinel
2010 Fronton
Fronton, France
$15 per bottle | $162 per case

Here you are, just thinking about how you just don’t drink enough Négrette, and we present to you this week’s Wine of the Week, Château Coutinel 2010 Fronton. The timing’s uncanny, no? And you’re right; you should be drinking more Négrette, the primary constituent of Fronton. It’s particularly well-suited to fall, much like Malbec and Tannat (of Cahors and Madiran, respectively). The inky black fruit and warm spice take the chill right out of the air. Its slightly chewy texture and subtle earthy flavors are delicious with hearty stews and game, and its easy drinkability makes it welcome at any party or impromptu gathering. Though Fronton is sometimes infamous for its rusticity, Château Coutinel’s expertise, combined with some bottle age, and an exceptional 2010 vintage puts this wine right at its considerable peak. 

- Ryan Stotz,  Assistant Store Manager, H&F Bottle Shop

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group