Spruce Gin
750mL 90pf
$42 per bottle

The brewery-turned-distillery Rogue, out of Oregon, brings us spirits true to their name. Unusual flavor profiles and experiments yield some intriguing results: like in their Spruce Gin. Killer packaging is all too endearing, but it's what is in the bottle that keeps ya coming back. Naturally, spruce and light juniper lift off the gin first, greeting your olfactory with a pleasant candied-root start; think lemon-ginger candies. The palate, though, is like stepping through the looking glass. Cucumber, grains of paradise, and a lingering (but not-too-spicy) ginger element play well with citrus to create a            refreshing gin. Enjoy in a Gimlet, or better yet,               try a French 75!

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group