Pineapple Rum
$38 | 40% ABV

It has returned! Cocktail historian David Wondrich inspired, pineapple-infused rum! Plantation Rum founder Alexandre Gabriel working in cahoots with Mr. Wondrich dreamed up the project as a hospitality gesture for the service industry. Needless to say, it was so delicious it took off and became highly coveted. Plantation Original Dark Rum has been left to macerate with Queen Victoria pineapples for three months. While the dark rum sits soaking up all that pineapple-y goodness, another fresh distillate is macerated with the bare rinds for a shorter amount of time before the two are blended. The history, the process, the goal, and the result all come together to make this rum one of the best infused spirits you will find on the market. These bottles are very limited, please call us at 404.841.4070 to reserve your bottle. Limited to one per guest.  - Amber Aristy, Assistant Store Manager

AuthorKelley Wisniewski