St. George Distillery
Dry Rye Reposado Gin
$45 | 49.5% ABV

Barrel aging gin has become a new frontier of discovery recently, with producers popping up and trying their hand at creating something unique. St George Distillery out of Alameda, California has been doing a small batch, annual release for the past few years that, in our opinion, is worthy of the anticipation. They start with their infamous Dry Rye gin, which is 100% rye mash, distilled with the classic gin botanicals: juniper, coriander, and caraway along with some grapefruit and lime peel. French and American casks lend it a merry, rosey hue unique even among aged gin. The result is incredibly complex, but perfectly balanced, with notes of peppercorns, candies, saffron, and plenty of citrus. We would suggest a cocktail, but think this limited release will surprise you with just a little water added.

AuthorKelley Wisniewski