3 Star Silver Rum 
82.4 Proof | 750mL

Plantation Rum’s 3 Stars rum is meticulously blended using unaged rums from Barbados and Jamaica; a carbon filtered, three-year aged rum from Trinidad; and a 12-year-old Jamaican rum. Individually, these rums exemplify the characteristics most noted from each island: Trinidad stands out for it refined elegance; Barbados is noted for the bright aromatics and nuanced fruit characteristics; and Jamaican brings bold, prominent flavors. The straight from the still rum is bright and fresh, lending a light, floral elegance while the aged rums add depth, structure and bolder notes of tropical fruit, coconut and vanilla. Plantation 3 Stars rum makes an exceptional classic Daiquiri that would make Hemingway proud and should become a contender for your home bar well.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group