Cathead Vodka
80% Proof | 750 mL

Blues fans Austin Evans and Richard Patrick founded Cathead in 2010. The name was inspired by the generations-old tradition of musicians affectionately referring to one another as Cats, and as far as they know the term "Cathead" was coined by local clay artist and musician James "Son" Thomas. There is a close tie between the distillery and the blues community, "support live music" is printed on the label of each bottle and a portion of the profits are contributed to local heritage foundations. As for what's in the bottle, Distiller Philip Ladner uses a mash bill made up predominantly of corn and distills it six times for a crisp, clean vodka with a hint of sweetness on the end of the palate.





Nelson's Green Briar Distillery
Belle Meade Bourbon
90 Proof | 750 mL

The first incarnation of Nelson's Green Briar Distillery was founded in the mid to late 1800s by Charles Nelson, when he realized that the whiskey he sold at his small grocery in Greenbriar, Tennessee far exceeded his supply. Over 100 years later, brothers Charlie and Andy Nelson resurrected the distillery founded by their great-great-great grandfather. Belle Meade Bourbon is lush, well-balanced and perfectly sippable. Made from a sour mash bill with nearly 30 percent rye, it features prominent notes of spice, balanced by the vanilla and caramel flavors imparted by aging in charred oak barrels. Hints of citrus and maple syrup on the nose draw you in and the long finish of cherry and cinnamon keep you coming back for more.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group