St. George Spirits
Pear and Raspberry Brandies
80 Proof | 200 mL

St. George Distillery's fruit brandies are nothing like you've ever tasted before. These delicious libations start as impeccably distilled brandies, to which more fruit is pressed for juice and added. Each 200 mL bottle contains juice from 15 pounds of Bartlett pears or 20 pounds of raspberry. Master distiller Lance Winters says their goal was to "take an olfactory snapshot to capture exactly what [the fruit] smells like at its peak of ripeness." They have certainly succeeded. Each bottle bears an incredibly complex and unmistakable aroma that will have your mouth watering.

Make it a set, by pairing these brandies with St. George's Spiced Pear Liqueur or Raspberry Liqueur!  Just add soda to make a mid-afternoon tipple, or put over ice cream for a delectable dessert!
- Amber Aristy, Assistant Store Manager, H&F Bottle Shop


AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group