Tequila Reposado
80 Proof | 750 mL

Espolòn is made by master distiller Cirilo Oropeza in Los Altos (the highlands), Jalisco, Mexico. While he follows the tradition of using 100 percent blue agave, he does roast the piñas, the heart of the plant, for 18 to 20 hours, which is longer than many distillers. This process converts the starch in the plant to sugar, readying it for fermentation, and adds an abundance of flavor to the final spirit. Once distilled, the reposado is aged for six month in American white oak barrels. Espolòn is ideal for mixing with its bold flavors and full body. Notes of dried tropical fruit, vanilla and caramel temper the prominent spice of this tequila.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group