Four Roses
Yellow Label 

80 Proof
$24 750 mL
$39 1.75 L

No spirit has a story more romantic than Four Roses Bourbon. Like true love, Four Roses has endured the test of time surviving Prohibition, The Great Depression, and two World Wars. Established in 1888 by founder Paul Jones Jr., the bourbon is named in honor of his wife. Legend has it, smitten with love for a southern belle, Jones messaged the young lady for her hand in marriage. Later to attend a grand ball, he requested his beloved wear a corsage of roses on her gown if his love was requited. She accepted his proposal and did so by adorning four red roses. Golden in color, with hints of fruitiness and honey spice Four Roses Yellow Label is perfect for mixing cocktails. There is no other bourbon more suitable for this Valentine’s Day. - Casey Teague, Whisk(e)y Specialist, H&F Bottle Shop   

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group