High Wire Distilling Co.
Hat Trick Botanical Gin
88 Proof  | 750 mL

While much of American distilling is enjoying attention for reviving the bourbon tradition, innovation is happening on the gin front in Charleston. The city's High Wire Distilling Co. has released Hat Trick, its exemplary take on the new, American botanical-style gin. By incorporating dried rather than fresh juniper berries, Hat Trick tames gin's piney bite into a fruity woodsiness that clarifies, instead of dominates, the complementary soft citrus and airy floral flavors. One would be hard pressed to find a better gin to go with tonic, but Hat Trick has the flavor and balance to be more than welcomed in any classic gin cocktail. - Casey Teague, Whisk(e)y Specialist, H&F Bottle Shop  

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group