Grand Poppy Bitter Liqueur
750ml | $32 | 20% abv

We make no secret of our love for the bitter side of imbibe-ables here and we are pleased as punch to bring you Grand Poppy Liqueur! Made from molasses (think rum) then infused and re-distilled with botanicals sourced from California this is definitely a new take on the average bitter liqueur; with bearberry, thistle, and cherry bark balanced with cane sugar lending sweetness and a round thick palate. All ingredients are certified organic and a tree is planted for every bottle sold! Try it in a winter punch with flavors like cinnamon, and maple!


Masterson's Straight Rye
750ml | $88 | 45% abv

35 Maple Street out of Sonoma County has brought us several household staples like Uncle Val's Gin and Kirk & Sweeney rum. Masterson's straight rye is one we think you should add to the household list! Made from 100% rye sourced out of the pacific northwest, then distilled in copper pots and aged in white oak for at least 10 years. This rye will not disappoint with savory spice, chili flakes, and a soft caramel finish. 

AuthorCarla Siegel