Caledonia Spirits
Barr Hill Gin
90 Proof | 750 mL

Distiller Todd Hardie’s passion for spirits is rooted in the agriculture of Hardwick, Vermont. He is well known for producing fine northeastern honey and his family’s distilling history dates back 100 years to Edinburgh, Scotland where they produced whisky.  Hardie’s work is a celebration of his special connection to the land.  The Barr Hill Gin uses a pure grain spirit done in a London dry-style that is unlike other gins. Most gins highlight multiple botanicals, but Barr Hill uses only juniper. Then Hardie adds his own raw honey just before bottling which imparts unique floral qualities that vary with season and blossom. This unique gin pays homage to the land and expresses the experimental spirit of micro distilling. - Casey Teague, Whisk(e)y Specialist, H&F Bottle Shop 



AuthorKelley Wisniewski