Ridgemont Reserve
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
93.7 proof | 750 mL

Salute National Bourbon Heritage Month with the official toasting whiskey of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, 1792 Ridgemont Reserve; named in part for the year Kentucky entered the Union as the fifteenth state. 

The distinctive 8 year old high rye barrel select bourbon is from the historic Tom Moore Distillery founded in 1879 and is made using natural limestone filtered spring water. Master Distiller Ken Pierre selects the best barrels from Warehouse Z, which lies high on a bluff and offers perfect air circulation to create a balanced, well-rounded whiskey. The sun’s full exposure warms the newly charred American Oak causing the corn, rye, and barley spirit to press deep into the barrel drawing out the rich amber vanilla tannins. The up front rye spice, custard cream, and apple leads your palate to the finish of oak, liquorish, and coffee that makes you proud Bourbon is our national spirit. - Casey Teague, Whisk(e)y Specialist, H&F Bottle Shop

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group