Créole Shrubb
80 Proof | 750 mL

A delicious Caribbean tradition, Rhum Clément was founded in 1887 by Homère Clément in Martinique. The Créole Shrubb is made with a combination of white and aged agricole rhums macerated with bitter orange peel and Créole spices resulting in a spiced liqueur d'orange with endless applications. Clément is burtising with bright, robust flavors on the palate with notes of clove,  ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice, softened by a honeyed kiss. Use it as a substitute for triple sec in any cocktail recipe; chill it and drink it as a refreshing aperitif; pair it with a piece of dark chocolate; or pour it over ice cream for a decadent dessert!

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group