Godet Cognac
Antarctica, Icy White
80 Proof | 750 mL

Jean Jacques Godet is following in his family’s footsteps with both his penchant for his family’s business producing cognac, as well as his inherent love of sailing. In 2008 Jean Jacques launched an expedition to Antarctica, which became the first crew to sail below the 70th parallel. While on this remarkable journey he conceived of the idea to produce a white cognac intended to be served ice-cold. 

Upon his return to France, Jean Jacques brought Antarctica, the cognac, to fruition using 100 percent Folle Blanche grapes. The spirit is aged in centuries old barrel that impart only a hint of tannin and color. The result is a completely unique, innovative, and clear cognac. The nose is quite floral, which translates onto the palate along with white cacao, ripe pear, and vanilla. It is delicate, yet pleasantly coats the palate.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group