Dark Helmet
5.9% ABV
Mt. Pleasant, SC

$7.00 Per Bottle

Summer has officially begun and this time of year we often ignore darker beers in favor of something much lighter.  But let's not forget the food pairing possibilities dark beers offer, particularly with grilled dishes. The pronounced roasted character of darker beers perfectly compliment the smoky char and caramelization of grilled steak, burgers, or even grilled vegetables. 

Westbrook's Dark Helmet is a unique take on Schwarzbier.  The nose is an appealing mix of coffee and spicy rye.  Upon tasting, the beer is indeed much lighter than one might expect with subtle notes of bitter chocolate and smoke.  The lager yeast provides a clean, crisp finish and surprising drinkability.  This one is proof that dark beers certainly do have their place in your cooler this summer.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group