De Dolle Brouwers
8% ABV
Esen, Belgium

Arabier is a unique beer brewed from 100% malt and whole Nugget hops.  De Dolle's beers defy traditional styles, but this one is perhaps closest to a Belgian IPA. The light bready malts and fresh, citrusy hops meld seamlessly with the fruity Belgian yeast.  Top that off with a crisp, dry finish and this one is perfectly refreshing for warmer summer days.
Drink now or save a bottle to observe how it ages. Over time, the hops fade away, but the complex yeast character will become drier and more prominent. Look out for the big, meringue-like head this beer produces. Kris of De Dolle believes that proper carbonation highlights and emphasizes the aroma and enjoyment of the beer. He provides a spritzy, cleansing carbonation to prove it.


AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group