Terrapin  Brewery
2015 Hop Selection 
8.6% ABV | Imperial India Pale Ale 
 $3.50 per bottle | $14 per 4 pack

This Terrapin may not have as many hops as the Easter Bunny, but its focus on one hop varietal in particular may just allow for slow and steady to win the race. 2015's "Hop Selection" is single-hopped with Australian hops varietal Ella (ella, ella), and it delivers a clean, bright IPA ready for spring. This beer reveals grapefruit peel and subtle tropical spices on the nose, a hint of juniper on the palette, and a nice, clean finish. This is the right beer at the right time for this fella (ella, ella). (Couldn't resist) - Dan Bollinger, Beer Buyer, H&F Bottle Shop

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group