Brooklyn Brewery
Black Chocolate Stout
10% ABV | American Imperial Stout
12 oz. – $2.50 | 4 Pack - $10

Still looking for a Valentine's gift for that special someone? If that special someone loves beer, look no further. This Russian Imperial Stout from Brooklyn Brewery is the perfect fit and full of liquid love. Bold notes of dark chocolate and roasted malt are balanced by just enough hops to avoid overloading the sweeter senses. The result is intoxicating - literally! At 10% ABV, this beer is great for a night in or for putting away in the cellar to revisit and reminisce at a later date, an anniversary perhaps. Treat yourself or your significant other with this silky indulgence! - Dan Bollinger, Beverage Director, Resurgens Hospitality Group 

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group