Founders Porter
6.5% ABV | American Porter
$12 | 6 Pack

When one first tastes Founder’s Porter it is immediately evident why many consider it one of the best domestic porters on the market. A body of a porter with the soul of a stout this beer is the best of both styles in one tasty package. Dark as a winter night and crowned with a thin, creamy tan head, at first glance this beer could be mistaken for a stout, but a sweet, nutty malt aroma hits you reminding you of its porter heritage. Full, robust flavors of cocoa and toffee balance with rich malt and hops leaving no bitterness and provide the drinker an experience full of flavor and character. Thick, creamy, and silky yet not overtly heavy, Founders Porter goes down curiously easy and finishes clean. Although Founders offers their porter all year round now is the perfect time to enjoy this delicious beer. - Dan Bollinger, Beverage Director, Resurgens Hospitality Group  

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group