Brooklyn Brewery
Cuvée Noire
10.6% ABV | Belgian Stout
$21 | 750 mL

The Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment, or BQE, is a line of limited production experimental beers from Brooklyn Brewery and we're thrilled that a small amount of their latest release, Cuvée Noire, found its way to our shelves. This massive stout is brewed with Mauritius raw sugar and sweet orange peel to add citrus notes and rum-like complexity before undergoing fermentation with Belgian yeast. It then gets the same treatment as their most coveted offering, Black Ops: six months of aging in bourbon barrels followed by bottle conditioning with Champagne yeast. Huge notes of chocolate and coffee mingle with citrus, vanilla, and coconut, while silky carbonation adds intriguing mouthfeel. This is a truly remarkable beer and something of a showpiece for a fun evening with friends.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group