Evil Twin
Femme Fatale Series
6.0% ABV
$8 per bottle

Most beer fermentation relies on modern, cultured brewing yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), which allows for more control in the brewery.  Additionally, cultured yeast greatly aids in producing a predictable and consistent final product. Brettanomyces (Brett), on the other hand, is a more wild strain of yeast typically considering a flaw due to its vigorous and unpredictable nature.  For the Femme Fatale series, Evil Twin has embraced Brett and entirely omitted the use of traditional brewing yeast. 
Femme Fatale Brett is a balanced IPA and the starting point for the range. Femme Fatale Blanc includes the addition of Nelson Sauvin hops, which provide the beer with a slight tropical fruit nose. Femme Fatale Noir, like the others, is an IPA; however, it the inclusion of dark malts in the brewing process produce a beer black in color with a slightly roasted edge.  All of the beers in the series are fermented entirely with Brettanomyces, thus providing an earthy, funky undertone to each product.  These beers will evolve and develop over time, with the hop character subsiding and the Brett character coming to the forefront.  These beers are quite unique and it is suggested to try all three side by side.

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Sierra Nevada
Otra Vez
4.5% ABV
Mills River, North Carolina
$2.00 per bottle

Sierra Nevada has become a staple across the country and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement in the early 80s. Sierra Nevada maintains a small company ethos by constantly innovating and remembering where they came from. So to celebrate July 4th, we are also celebrating
a great American company. 

Sierra Nevada's Otra Vez is the perfect summertime quencher, both light in alcohol for an all day celebration and perfectly refreshing.  It is a unique take on an antiquated German style, Gose.  This one includes the fruit of the prickly pear cactus and a touch of grapefruit for a beer that is tangy, tart, and a great accompaniment to traditional backyard BBQ grub.  Cheers to America and innovative American producers like Sierra Nevada!

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Dark Helmet
5.9% ABV
Mt. Pleasant, SC

$7.00 Per Bottle

Summer has officially begun and this time of year we often ignore darker beers in favor of something much lighter.  But let's not forget the food pairing possibilities dark beers offer, particularly with grilled dishes. The pronounced roasted character of darker beers perfectly compliment the smoky char and caramelization of grilled steak, burgers, or even grilled vegetables. 

Westbrook's Dark Helmet is a unique take on Schwarzbier.  The nose is an appealing mix of coffee and spicy rye.  Upon tasting, the beer is indeed much lighter than one might expect with subtle notes of bitter chocolate and smoke.  The lager yeast provides a clean, crisp finish and surprising drinkability.  This one is proof that dark beers certainly do have their place in your cooler this summer.

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De Dolle Brouwers
8% ABV
Esen, Belgium

Arabier is a unique beer brewed from 100% malt and whole Nugget hops.  De Dolle's beers defy traditional styles, but this one is perhaps closest to a Belgian IPA. The light bready malts and fresh, citrusy hops meld seamlessly with the fruity Belgian yeast.  Top that off with a crisp, dry finish and this one is perfectly refreshing for warmer summer days.
Drink now or save a bottle to observe how it ages. Over time, the hops fade away, but the complex yeast character will become drier and more prominent. Look out for the big, meringue-like head this beer produces. Kris of De Dolle believes that proper carbonation highlights and emphasizes the aroma and enjoyment of the beer. He provides a spritzy, cleansing carbonation to prove it.


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$11 - 4 pack

Ommegang produces exquisite Belgian-style ales.  For this cherry-based lambic, they have relied on the expertise of their Belgian friends, Liefmans, who have been perfecting lambics for three centuries.  Ommegang Brewmaster, Phil Leinhart, designed the recipe and worked closely with Liefmans to produce a tart and fruity ale for any occasion.  The final beer blends three year old Flemish brown ale aged on cherries with younger Flemish brown ale to achieve a beautiful balance of earthy notes with a bright, fresh, fruit character.   

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Prima Pils
$10.50 - 6 pack

Sometimes nothing beats a good lager! Whether you are sitting poolside or mowing the lawn, Victory’s Prima Pils should be your go-to summer quencher.  Brewed from all German malts and fine noble hops, Prima Pils maintains the perfect balance between flavor and drinkability, sacrificing neither.  The clean, dry finish makes this one incredibility refreshing and a great accompaniment to all your summer activities! 


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$17.50 - 750ml

While barrel-aging beer may seem commonplace in 2016, it was certainly unusual in 2004 when Allagash released their first barrel-aged beer, Curieux.  Allagash has always been innovative and ahead of the curve, while never sacrificing balance and finesse.  Curieux is a great example of this.  Based on a Belgian Tripel, it spends eight weeks in Jim Beam bourbon casks. Then prior to bottling, the final beer is blended with fresh tripel to achieve the right balance of flavors and cask character.  The end product is a deceptively easy to drink beer with delightful esters and hints of vanilla and coconut.   

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The Rites
$12 - 6 pack

Over the past two years, Orpheus has developed a great reputation around Atlanta for producing, tart, funky, fruit-based sour ales - a bold move for a new brewery.   However, they have demonstrated their versatility in creating their first year round IPA, The Rites.  It pours a hazy orange color with a slightly off-white head, which leaves beautiful lacing down the glass.  Aromas of tangerine, mango, and grassy herbs are balanced by a solid malt backbone, which provides a bit of structure and balance.

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Blackberry Farms
Classic Saison
$15 - 750ml

Blackberry Farms is a staple for us here at Holeman and Finch Bottle Shop, and the Classic Saison put them on the map.  Brewed in the Belgian style in rural Tennessee, this saison exhibits strong fruity esters and bright citrus and spicy aromas.  It pours a hazy golden color with soft and persistent foam resulting from extended bottle conditioning.  The Classic Saison is bright, crisp, complex, drinkable, and presents endless food pairing opportunities.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group


Second Helping
7.4% ABV
$8 - 22 oz. 

When beloved Atlanta chef Ryan Hidinger was diagnosed with stage-four cancer in 2012, the Atlanta restaurant community gathered to show encouragement and raise money for Ryan’s unexpected expenses.  The outpouring of love and tremendous demonstration of community support inspired The Giving Kitchen, a nonprofit which aids Atlanta’s restaurant workers in times of unexpected hardship. 
SweetWater teamed up with The Giving Kitchen for this limited release IPA, available only in the Atlanta area.  The addition of juniper berries lends a subtle piney note this pungent IPA.  100% of the profits will be donated to The Giving Kitchen.  A great beer and a great cause – feel good about that second helping!


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Maggie’s Farmhouse
5.2% ABV

$12 per 6 pack

Each summer Terrapin releases this peach farmhouse ale, brewed with 1000 pounds of peaches per 100 barrels (that’s a lot of peaches!) locally sourced from Pearson’s Farm. The peaches pair perfectly with the bready Belgian yeast, creating the impression of a fresh baked peach pie! This one is in cans, so stock up for those beach and lake visits this summer.

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group

6.0% ABV
Vlezenbeek, Belgium
$27 per bottle

Well this is a first: a lambic fermented with fresh basil!  For six generations, Lindemans has produced spontaneously fermented ales - the oldest, most traditional method of fermentation. Putting a new spin on a classic style, they collaborated with one of the most innovative and exciting brewers, Mikkeller.


The aromatic fresh basil marries perfectly with two-year oak aged lambic. This tart ale pours a hazy gold color with green highlights and finishes refreshingly dry. Serve as an aperitif for an outdoor party or serve alongside goat cheese and pesto. 

Quantities are very limited so grab it while you can! 


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Trappist Ale
$14 per bottle

Since the Cistercian monks of the Westmalle Abbey first brewed their Tripel in 1934, it has been imitated by many but never surpassed in its quality.  It remains the gold standard of the style and a beer revered for its elegance and finesse.

Much like fine Champagne, this delicate Trappist ale undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, creating a soft texture and subtle yeast character.  It is a complex beer with a fruity aroma and nuanced hop character.  The dry finish makes Westmalle tripel a surprisingly refreshing beer and great accompaniment to roasted pork with grilled asparagus and mustard vinaigrette.  

Bring on the Belgians!

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Wicked Weed Iron Lady.JPG

Iron Lady
Wicked Weed Brewing
Dark IPA
Ashville, NC  9.5% ABV; 500 ml

Wicked Weed is easily one of our favorite brewing companies here at The Holeman and Finch Bottle Shop.  Their versatility easily sets the standard for other breweries to follow, and few meet them.  From the wake of their award winning IPA, “Pernicious,” comes “Iron Lady,” a delicious, malt balanced black IPA.  Iron Lady represents the ghost ship that haunts the darkest portions of the ocean.  This beer gives the illusion of a stout with both its pour and its nose, as you immediately smell the malty, chocolate from any great dark beer.  Iron Lady delivers another roasted, smoked, malt-forward taste, combined with a citrus and resinous hopped finish that sticks with you…much like the legend of the Iron Lady. 

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Prairie Belated Christmas Trifecta!


For a limited time, stop in and grab a three pack of Prairie Bomb and Prairie Christmas Bomb for 2014 and 2015! Holeman and Finch Bottle Shop is the only place where you can find this experience.

 Prairie Bomb!

13% ABV

This imperial stout is a warm, winter stout aged with Nordaggio’s coffee, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and chili peppers. 

Prairie Christmas Bomb! (2014 & 2015 edition)

11% ABV

Everything that is good about Prairie Bomb, plus the addition of cinnamon, cloves, and other holiday spices to keep that Christmas cheer going year round.  Compare the 2015 addition with our own bottle aged 2014 edition. 

Prairie is a brewery in Tulsa, OK that is known for its artisan crafted ale. Prairie was started by two brothers who learned beer from the ground up.  They are known throughout the country for their innovative and delicious craft brews.  They are certainly a name to watch for beer lovers of all types.  

AuthorResurgens Hospitality Group

Three Taverns:
Feest Noel Quadrupel
22oz | $11.50 | 10% abv

This rich, spiced Christmas ale makes an excellent stocking stuffer or a fun fireside sipper. Pouring chestnut brown with a delicate, creamy consistency, the pungent spicy nose gives off an aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cardamom. The taste persists with notes of toasted almonds, banana bread and cocoa —  deriving from the Belgian dark candy sugar brewed with the beer. The finish is long and sweet, with a fluffy consistency. This is a seasonal ale that will be gone at the end of the holidays, so don’t miss it!

AuthorCarla Siegel